New impulses for the energy revolution

Where does Germany rank in an international comparison?

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The German government decided on a two-pronged energy revolution: changing to a climate friendly energy system with drastically reduced carbon emissions, while at the same time dispensing with nuclear power for the generation of electricity – a very ambitious objective. Many other states and regions also set themselves goals for climate protection and proceeded to convert their energy systems. However, the progress being made in other countries is not generally noticed in Germany – the energy revolution debate is almost exclusively a national affair.

This study made an international comparison of energy and climate policies on the basis of three elements – environment friendliness, cost-efficiency and security of supply. The success of the 24 countries surveyed was measured using 51 indicators. And it materialised that the German energy revolution, in comparison with the energy policy strategies of other countries, is not just very expensive, it has also made less progress in terms of effective climate protection.

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