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Factbook – subject: shares

Facts and figures about shares – vividly presented in an 84-page book

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The book was jointly compiled by HRI and the comdirect Bank AG and focuses exclusively on “shares.” It features relevant data, facts and figures on everything to do with share culture in Germany and makes elaborate use of graphics to assure an attractive portrayal. The data it presents are taken from miscellaneous statistics and surveys by the Handelsblatt Research Institute, and a comprehensive study by the comdirect bank was included.

The “Factbook on shares” was compiled in 2013 by the Handelsblatt Research Institute and the comdirect bank AG and produced in collaboration with the agency “buntebrause.” It received the prestigious“Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014.”

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Factbook – subject: shares

Factbook – subject: shares

“The idea came quickly enough, but the real work came afterwards – it all went hand in hand. Swiftly and in an uncomplicated and professional manner. The fact book is an important component of all our activities to do with investment. And the concept of presenting interesting facts in an attractive setting and giving them a new slant was awarded with the Red Dot Award.“

Annette Siragusano Director Corporate Communication, comdirect bank

Factbook – subject: shares

Factbook – subject: shares


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