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Sometimes a sincere, dispassionate and analytical view from outside is just what a company needs. That is why we offer you the opportunity of a workshop on your premises with leading members of the Handelsblatt Research Institute.

You can discuss with our president, Professor Bert Rürup, about basic world economic and economic policy conditions for your branch of industry. You will hear from the institute’s industry experts where your company is compared with the competition and the kind of challenges you will have to meet in the coming years.

What does digitalisation mean for your industry? How is the working environment changing in Germany, and where do you find the specialists you need for tomorrow? When will the consequences of the financial crisis be finally overcome and which political changes could influence your business? Just let us know the issues you consider most important - we will prepare accordingly and present our findings. We can then have an open discussion. We will spend half a day with you and give you our ideas for future strategic discussions in your company.

The workshop includes:

  • intensive preparation for your specific issues
  • a presentation on the most important global economic trends with particular reference to your industry
  • a presentation about your company’s positioning, and how it is perceived externally, or about another specific issue of your choice
  • a moderated discussion with your managers
  • a written documentation for you

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