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A book to commemorate a company anniversary.

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Behind every company there are great stories, brilliant ideas and personalities which all wrote a chapter in the successful history of the German economy. Let us record this history in writing and present it to the public in a high-quality book.
Your company’s history is precious capital: it creates trust and credibility with business partners, clients and employees.It shows off the innovative power and consistency of your company, and in addition creates a positive impact in the public domain, helping to reinforce your unique image. That makes your company’s history an important marketing instrument, a unique selling point distinguishing you from the competition. A round figure like the 50th or 100th company anniversary is a good opportunity to commit to paper your company’s history – but a generation change or a new positioning are equally good occasions to look back.

And the book can take many different forms: from a high quality, glossy volume or a more simple book to a brochure or an interactive timeline. Together we can find the right form.

Let us show your company in the right light: the history is already there – it just has to be told.

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A written history of your company as a book, brochure or in digital form.

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