The scientifically valid examination of a subject.

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The purpose of a study is to research an issue which is of essential importance for your business strategy or for your communication with shareholders. We check and analyse the research status quo , find
new data and get leading experts involved. We work faster than academic researchers, arrive at concrete results and formulate them in an easy-to-understand way.

Most of our studies are used by our clients for their PR work. We understand and follow closely the course of public debate on economic and economic policy issues and find new lines of research designed to further such debate. The studies are compiled by our highly qualified scientists in interdisciplinary teams, and they enlist the help of external experts from our network , where required. That is why HRI studies have a demonstrably high media resonance – if that is what you want. Because the client alone decides how the study is used.

Our clients are big German and international companies, top business associations, ministries and charitable organisations. These are some of the areas we have dealt with up to now: digitalisation of the business world, social policy, demographic change and its consequences, savings/investment behaviour and provision for old age, the economic importance of different branches of industry, the energy revolution, investment behaviour and European integration.

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